Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to my first class!

Hi card makers!  Well, it's FINAL -- Kim and I definitely have a wonderful venue in which to continue our stamping/cardmaking/papercrafting classes.  Kim will also be working out of her house for some classes, but mine will all be at the Community Center of Whitman (upstairs at the Stop & Shop on Rte. 18).  For those of you coming from the south, it's an additional 3 minutes up the street.  For those of you coming from the north, it's a minus 3 minute drive.  Isn't this ideal?  I think you'll love the space -- and you can do your grocery shopping afterwards if you like!  What a bonus!

Kim is putting a newsletter together to let you know what type of payment plans we offer.  So stay tuned to that next week.

In the meantime, mark your datebooks for Friday, October 21st  from 7 to 9pm for your very first class with me.  I decided to try a Friday nite for all you working girls in the hopes that it might be an easier night for you.  We'll discuss best available times when we get together for future classes.  I have also marked November 12th (Saturday) from 1 to 3pm for my next class.  We're taking it easy on the number of classes right now until we all get into the swing of it.  We have some fun surprises in store for you with Frequent Flyer cards and raffles.

Okay, on to the fun stuff.  I decided to make a combination class, i.e., Halloween and Fall.  Here's what you'll be making:

(inside of card)

Please contact me at deedee.maligno@gmail.com to sign up for your classes.  Hurry!  We have up to 12 slots and they'll probably go quickly.  At least I hope so!

Pay via Paypal Here:

I so look forward to seeing you all again.

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