Thursday, March 1, 2012

April classes with Donna.

Hi ladies!  Well, we've been having some really fun classes so far this year and I've got more planned.  So let's give you a look at what's coming in April.   My first class is Thursday, April 5th from 7 to 9 pm at the Whitman Community Center (WCC) and it's a $20.00 class.

I've worked on two really fun cards -- one is an unusual folded card that forms a birdhouse.  And, wouldn't you know, there are those Memory Box dies again!  If you've bought them, you gotta use them.  I think I've used these dies (Reedbird and Woodland Branch) in about six different cards so far and here's yet another one!  The other card we're doing is such a fun one and can be used (or not) as a gift certificate card.  For those coffee-holics -- here comes Art Impressions (what a fun card to do!).

You can see the flap on the coffee mug -- it doesn't have to be used this way, but you will decide when the time comes.  I've already started taking sign-ups for this class, so click on the PayPal button below or email me at

Now, I know I have a class scheduled for Thursday, April 12th from 7 to 9 pm, but I'm still working on that one.  Stay tuned!

On to Saturday, April 21st from 1 to 3 pm.  This class will be held at the WCC as well and it will be a $22.00 class.  I've done the same card, but in a feminine and masculine version.  I promise you will love this class.  I learned this technique recently and HAD to introduce it to my favorite ladies.  I've taken a lot of photos so that you can get a clear idea of what it's all about.  Here's the feminine version:

Hmm, so what's the big deal with this?  READY?...

This is your card all opened up -- surprise!!  Isn't this neat?  It's called a Triple Easel Card.  Now here's the side view...

Yep!  You will learn how to make this card and probably keep on making them for whatever the occasion.  This will be great for Mother's Day or Wedding or Valentine's Day.  

Are you ready for the male version?  If you like Steampunk -- this card has that "feel" to it and you'll be having fun putting "stuff" on this card.

Mmm, hmmm.  Here it is all closed up.  Now here's the open version...

Got you interested yet?  Well, here's the side view -- made the same way as the first version.

Hmm, I think this one was taking a nap.  It really looks great in front view - trust me.

So, write, call, press that PayPal button, but don't forget to sign up for this class.

SORRY, I'm not accepting additional sign ups for Saturday's class.  If others are interested, please email me and I can reschedule another date.  Thanks for understanding

Hope to see you soon!


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