Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Upcoming class...

Hi there!  I've been working my little fingers to the bones (too bad the rest of me didn't get the message) to create some great projects for you.  I've decided to place this class on Wednesday, November 30th  from 7 to 9 pm.

When we were catalog shopping at Bev's for Penny Black, this stamp "spoke" to me.  When I got it, I asked myself why?  Funny how we do things like that.  Well, once I put my mind into "that place", I realized what a truly beautiful stamp it is and how easy you can put cards together with it.  It may just be my favorite for my upcoming Christmas card list!  That's how quickly these do up!

Here's card number one which shows the stamp in it's entirety.

I used a different twist on resist stamping for this card.  So be sure to sign up for the class and learn how much fun it is to do.  And, not to point out the obvious, make sure you bring your E-Z BowZ with you!

Now the question was, how can I change this up a bit?  Here's one idea and we'll also be doing this in class.  Same technique, different colors.

Well, that's what's going on for November 30th.  So click on the PayPal button below and we'll get you signed up.  Don't forget, bring your E-Z BowZ and think about the drawing.  There will be one for every class.  And don't forget your Frequent Flyer card so that I can stamp it.


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  1. I saw this card in person, It is absolutely beautiful! It's unfortunate that Wednesdays are not good for me so I won't be able to join you.