Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quatrefoil with Donna

Quatrefoil?  What on earth is that?  It's a full A2 size die that you will have so much fun with.  I will give you the details on where to purchase this die -- and don't shoot the messenger because this website will blow your mind (details to follow at the bottom of this post)!

What I've done is show you three very different ways to use this fantastic die.  This class is scheduled for Saturday, February 11th from 1 to 3 pm and is $22.00.  Just click on the PayPal Button below to get yourself signed up.

The card on the right shows the full die cut, the center shows the die cut out, and the card on the right shows the die embossed (now how is that possible?).

So, on to the website:  This is the most incredible site that coordinates stamps with dies and CS with ribbons, buttons, inks etc.   A one-stop shopping for sure.  Look for more use of this company in my classes.  Some of you have already experienced their products in a few of my classes already and have fallen in love.  Case in point, the Coffee/Tea Bag/Box.  The girls absolutely LOVED it!


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